Frequently Asked Questions

It's always a good idea to take a look at our FAQ page. This is usually the quickest way to find answer for questions about how things work at our site.

All trips and services on our site are defined and provided by the service providers (the guides and fishing companies).
The providers are responsible for the safety during the trip and because of this, they might cancel a trip due to weather conditions or might have their own house rules, safety regulations.

We advise you to contact directly the providers to discuss what's next!
It's always the right and responsibility of the provider to define bad weather, depending on the given service and local conditions. Safety goes first. The providers might cancel a service last minute, if the conditions don't enable a safe trip.

Yes. Due to safety or other reasons, each provider can have its own house rules and regulations regarding fishing (e.g. catch & release of certain species or alcohol consumption). In case of any questions, we advise you to contact the providers in our system.