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Fishing guides are local experts who know their surrounding waters the best. As they spend a lot of time on the water, they can take you to the real hotspots. 
The best fishing spots are often changing - depending on the time of the day, the season, the weather and other actual circumstances.

Fishing guide with a big pike
The fishing guides are happy to lend you not just a helping hand and give you information, but they also give you the right gear you need. So you are going to fish with the best equipment and can try the "Ferrari" among the fishing boats.
A fishing guide will teach you the finest tips & tricks, which you can use later on for all your other fishing trips.

Fishing guide with a professional fishing boat
On our website we offer also guided fishing trips.
"Guide for Fishing" is the place where you can search, compare and find the right fishing guides for you.
It doesn't matter, whether you want to catch pike, perch, carp or zander: you can choose from lake, river or sea fishing trips. Fish on a boat, kayak or from shore and we even offer bike fishing or streetfishing!

Fisherman with a big zander (pikeperch)
We collected the best professional fishing guides in the Netherlands and from other countries.
Holland is an amazing place when it comes to water: you can fish in the sea, in rivers, lakes and even in the canals of any of the cities. Because of the variety you might not know where to start, what to bring with you and what you really need for a successful day. 
Book then a guided fishing trip to catch your dream fish!

Happy fishermen with a big catfish

Where are fishing guides near me? Check out the best ones here!

Fishing in Holland is a must to-do, when you are visiting this country.

Fishing in the Netherlands - fishing guide with a huge pike
The Netherlands has it all when it comes to water: sea water accessible along the 523 km long coastline or if you prefer fresh water, you’ll have an even bigger choice!
3 of the biggest rivers of Europe reach the North Sea in this country (the Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt), while you can find many, different size lakes like The Loosdrecht Lakes and canals in the countryside or even in every city. 

So a fishing trip in Holland is a must to-do, as almost 20% of the country is covered by water and there are huge fish to catch! You can go for example for monster size pikes, gorgeous carps, big perch or sea bass... 

Every fishermen can find his/her preferred way to fish: from shore, on a boat, kayak or even using a bike when doing streetfishing. 

Fishing in Holland: fishing guide with a big zander

All you need to do is to purchase a VISpas (Dutch fishing licence) and you can start to go fishing. As there are too many options, we recommend you to choose a local Dutch fishing guide who knows his/her waters best and will take you to the real hotspots. 

Our fishing guides in the Netherlands will provide you with the right gear you need for an unforgettable fishing trip. 

Fishing in Holland with a fishing guide
Family fishing in the Netherlands? We have fishing trips in Holland suitable for non-fishermen as well. Your family or friends can enjoy and explore the beautiful Dutch landscape from a boat, for example at Amsterdam in De Zaanse Schans or at the Loosdrecht Lakes.

Fishing in the Netherlands in front of windmills
Would you like to have more information? Check out our summary about fishing licence in Holland and also our general info about the Netherlands.

Would you like to book a fishing trip in Holland with a guide? You can search for the very best ones here! You can book your fishing trip fast and easy online.

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Guide for Fishing promotes good treatment of your catch. As sport fishermen, we are highly supporting the catch and release fishing. We want to have and keep a good fish population in our waters.

To reach this goal, we have to take some basic principles into account. These will be shown in the next paragraph. We advise you to check the best way how to handle your target fish before going on a trip. Some of the target fish require extra points of attention.

If you want to land a fish, you usually need to use a landing net. When you buy a net, it’s very important to take into consideration your targeted fish. When you use a wrong net for the targeted fish, they can get tangled up in the net with their teeth or fins.

A fish has a layer of slime on his skin for the protection against bacteria, parasites, fungi and other external influences. To protect this slime layer, it’s important to keep the fish wet when it’s out of the water. The best way to grab a fish is with wet hands. Dry hands or a towel can damage the slime layer severely! When the slime layer is damaged, the fish might get sick. 

Back in the days, there were only unhooking mats meant for carp. Nowadays, there are unhooking mats for many different fish species. Because of this, the unhooking mats are used more and more by fishermen all around.

The best way to unhook a fish is by using your fingers (if the targeted fish allows it). This is because you have more feeling with your fingers than for example when using pliers. Having more feeling, you can take out the hook more precisely. However, for some target fishes, like pike and zander, pliers are a must-have!

When releasing a fish back into the water, the fish shall have enough power to swim away by himself. When it doesn’t have enough energy, it can be deadly for the fish. To release the fish in the best shape, it is important to release it as soon as possible after catching it. This way, the catch loses less energy and the slime layer will be damaged only minimally.

The aim of this article is to provide you with a basic checklist for your fishing trip. Not all items might be relevant for your trip, as there are different fishing techniques.
If you book a trip on our website, the guides/providers often will provide you with the necessary fishing tackles. You can check this out on their profile.

General Checklist:

  • Passport/ID-card
  • Health insurance card
  • Medicine
  • Fishing license
  • Clothes regarding the weather
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Smartphone/camera
  • Life jacket (when fishing with your own boat)
  • Headlight (for night fishing)
  • Fishing equipment (if not provided by your guide: bait/rods/reels etc…)

fishing equipments on a table

Checklist carpfishing
In addition to the general checklist:

  • Tent
  • Stretcher
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Towels
  • Rods
  • Reels
  • Sufficient end-tackles
  • Landing net
  • Unhooking mat
  • Weighsling
  • Scale
  • Banksticks/Rodpods
  • Bite alarms
  • Back supports
  • Hangers/Swingers
  • Batteries and charger
  • Bait boat/Rubber boat
  • Cash (toll road)
  • Dictionary of the place of destination
  • Bait

fishing boat in nature

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