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Fishing in Amsterdam is a unique experience: you can choose from many different options, for example fishing in the famous canals, streetfishing or fishing near Amsterdam at The Zaanse Schans or at The Loosdrecht Lakes.

Fishing in Amsterdam, a fishing guide with a big zander
You’ll be happily surprised by how many fish you will catch during a city fishing trip. The monster pike, huge perch or zander (Europen walleye) are all waiting for you!

Fishing in Amsterdam: two happy fishermen with a zander
Explore the Dutch windmills while catching your dream pike!
Fishing at The Zaanse Schans means you are fishing right near the famous Dutch windmills :) This gorgeous park is just 15 minutes away from Amsterdam Central Station and you can get there by train, car or off course, by boat!

The Zaanse Schans landscape from a fishing boat, with Dutch windmills
Exploring the old houses, climbing the stairs of a traditional old windmill or checking how cheese and clogs are made is a fun thing to do for the whole family. You can eat at the local restaurant, discover the picturesque area by bike or boat and of course, fish in the river The Zaan.

Fishermen with a big perch near windmills in Holland
Where to start, which techniques to use…? We recommend you to book a trip with one of our local fishing guides in or near Amsterdam to maximise your chances on catching your dream fish.
If you wonder why you would need a fishing guide, please check out our article.

Our fishing guides will take you to the best fishing spots in and around Amsterdam. They’ll provide you with the right equipment to make your fishing trip unforgettable.
Tight lines and enjoy your Amsterdam fishing trip!

Fisherman with a big pike caught during fishing in Amsterdam

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Catch your dream pike or perch in Loosdrecht!

Fishing in Amsterdam or the Netherlands is a must to-do, as almost 20% of the country is covered with water and there are huge fish to catch!
If you arrive in Amsterdam, you can reach within 30 minutes amazing rivers, lakes, canals where you can fish. 
As there are too many options, we recommend you to pick a fishing guide who knows the local waters the best and also can provide you with a boat and all the gear you need for an amazing fishing trip. You can search for guides on our website and book any of them online. It is quick, safe and easy.

Fishing in the Netherlands, Loosdrecht Lakes
The Loosdrecht Lakes (De Loosdrechtse Plassen in Dutch) is just 33 km away from Amsterdam, offering amazing fishing trips to fishermen. It’s actually, not one lake, but several ones connected to each other in a 1200 ha area. They are surrounded by restaurants, yacht harbours and holiday homes which offer all kinds of activities to the whole family.
Loosdrecht Lakes is one of the most beautiful waters/surroundings of Holland. The water usually is about 2m deep and offers great possibilities to catch pike, white fish, carp, perch and other predatory fish, throughout the year.

Check out our local fishing guide in Loosdrecht for a successful and fun filled fishing trip!

Fishing in the Netherlands, Loosdrecht Lakes, guide with a big pike

fishing in the Netherlands,  a boat at Loosdrecht Lakes

You can fish in Loosdrecht all year round!

Would you like to fish in the Netherlands in other places as well? In many other places in Holland we have our local guides

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Hollands Diep is a unique predatory fishing hotspot in the Netherlands.

At Hollands Diep, just under Rotterdam, where Rhine and Meuse come together you’ll find large stock of pikes, perches and zanders. Thanks to the optimal conditions the chance of catching a big mama pike, a huge zander or a monster perch is real.

Fishing in Rotterdam, at Hollands Diep: fishing guide with a huge pike
Hollands Diep splits into the Haringvliet and the Volkerak at Numansdorp. As the Hollands Diep is a huge body of water, an experienced fishing guide can be of great help to find the hotspots and to use the best fishing techniques. Via our website you can find easily the right fishing guide for Hollands Diep. 

Hollands Diep, a fishing place near Rotterdam
The Hollands Diep is known by anglers from all over the globe and can be fished all year round. Even if the weather conditions are hard, more sheltered places like the Biesbosch National Park (hotspot for pike) or the river Amer or Nieuwe Merwede are close so fishing is almost always possible. 

Because the water is so big and conditions vary a lot, entering this water can be a little bit intimidating. But don’t worry, with a guide from Guide for Fishing, you’ll know how and where to target Holland’s biggest predators successfully.

Fishing guide in Rotterdam with a big perch at Dutch delta
Our fishing guide Thom is one of our professional fishing guides who are active in this area. Book a trip with Thom and experience a unique fishing day at the Hollands Diep!

You can see the other active local fishing guides in this area here. Tight lines!

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Fishing on the border, in South Limburg: on the beautiful Grensmaas (Meuse) you can literally fish on the border between the Netherlands and Belgium. The Meuse has a very diverse predator stock where, besides the traditional predators: perch, zander and pike also wels catfish and (especially) asp are well represented.

On the Meuse you can try your luck on both the river and in the quarry ponds, which connect to the Meuse. Some ponds have significant water areas, where other offer small sheltered places. Here you can under almost all circumstances find a spot to try your luck. And make no mistake, here is the chance of (very) large specimens never far away.

The river Meuse, a beautiful place to go fishing

Close to the border with Germany and Belgium is one of the most beautiful places of Holland: this touristic area has a lot to offer for both the fisherman and his family. Although fishing from the banks is possible, the best spots are only reachable by boat.

On the river the water reaches a depth of 4-6 meters and is great to fish for pike or perch and in the quarry ponds, zander can be found on the deeper spots. 

Fisherman with a big pike on the river Meuse

Check out our local fishing guide for the river Meuse for a fantastic fishing trip in a beautiful surrounding. He will take you to the best fishing spots!

Fishing guide on the river Meuse with a huge asp

Would you like to fish in Holland in other places as well? Here you can find and compare many professional fishing guides in the Netherlands.

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