23 July 2018 16:36

Zander (pike-perch) fishing in Holland

The zander (pike-perch) is a beautiful and common fish in the Netherlands. You can find them mainly in the rivers and other large waters with enough depth. Different fishing techniques can be successful to catch them. Fishing from a boat or from the bank with a dropshot or shad montage is the most popular.

The two dorsal fins (one with spines), the green-silver colour sometimes with stripes and its crystal-clear eyes make the zander one of the most beautiful predator fish that can be caught in the Netherlands.

Fishing in the Netherlands, catch a zander

Pike-perch fishing in Holland. Fisherman with a big zander.

Fishing for zander is very popular, this is why we have many guides offering zander fishing trips on our website. Some of them even offer catch guarantee!

Zander fishing in Holland, fisherman with a big catch