About us

We love fishing so much, that one of our founders spent half of his honeymoon planning fishing trips. The situation may be familiar to you when you are in a place you don't know, you don't have your fishing rod and baits with you, but the water is busy and calling you every minute. You spend hours searching for information where to get a licence and on comparing fishing trips, services and prices of guides, companies...

In order to contribute to your happy marriage, we started our site Guide for Fishing. This is the place where all fishing trips start. On GFF, you can find information about locations, needed license for angling and much more. Besides, you can search and choose from companies or from local guides/fishermen, who are happy to share their passion with you and take you to the best places they discovered. It's a win-win situation from which not only you will benefit, but also the fishermen who get some extra money to finance their hobby. 

At the moment GFF is mainly operating in the Netherlands, but you won't need to wait for long to have it at your place or favourite holiday location. Our aim is to provide you with a solution to make fishing trips easier by connecting people and sharing relevant information.

Above helping fishermen to find each other all around the world, our other mission is to educate people on sustainability and on fish and environmentally friendly methods. 

We wish you a nice fishing trip and the biggest catch of your life.