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Why to register as a provider? Get more bookings with us!

1) Register for free
It's free to create your profile and offer your services. Commission shall only be paid for successful bookings.

2) Create your tailor-made profile
You can create your own profile, upload photos and list different services yourself. Reviews of past clients will be visible on your profile, which can boost your business. 

3) Get more bookings and reach potential clients with us
Don't waste time and money on advertisement or IT costs. We take care of the system development, professional marketing and payment, so you can focus on the fishing part.
You only need to keep your availabilities and capacity up-to-date in our system, as we enable direct booking and payment of your services.

Don't worry if fishing is not your job or if you have limited time! Local advanced fishermen, who know their water best, can also sign up as a part-time guide. So you can earn money with your hobby!

It's easy to get started and we support you, every step of the way.

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Do you need more info? After logging in, you can check our separate FAQ for providers or you can contact us in case of questions.